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Dearest Seekers, 
it is with my most sincerest apology, that I must relay that I am no longer doing any chat, phone or email readings
I have been blessed with a wonderful employment that requires my dedication full time. 

I am off from doing all readings in November, December 2016 and January 2017

If you are visiting Los Angeles and would like to book a session with me face to face, please schedule it a minimum of 3 weeks in advance, when I'm back.

***will be back to  online and chat readings much later 2017****  

Wishing you peace and blessings


Will update this page periodically.
***for in person reading, please note that I have a small dog   if this is an issue may I suggest a phone reading instead***

New reading price is $1 per minute.
15 min, 30 min, 45 min or 1 hour max

                                           Card Reading  
                                           $15- 15 minutes                  
                                           $30- 30 minutes        
                                           $45 - 45 minutes
                                           $60- 1 hour

                               Tea Leaf  Reading (In person only)                                                                                  1.5 Hour - $100

Please Read all Instructions before paying for your reading!
It's best that you contact me first, if you have questions
Contact Information
Tel: 323-304-8563

Card reading information
Questions about Love, Career, Money, Blocks? I offer intuitive guidance and advice. I use the Gypsy Witch Deck & The traditional Lenormand deck as my conduits. My Ancestor/Spirit Guides help me to tap into the beyond, to bring forth messages. 

Legal Disclaimer:
1) Disclaimer Regarding Expectations of Results – Please be advised that due to the nature of the products and services which Oracle Readings,Astrid Banner dba Belizean Gial Poetry selling/providing, there is no possibility of substantiating any claimed results made or supplying any objective evidence, whether financial, business related, spiritual or otherwise. It can be assumed that no results are to be expected as a result of one’s purchase of these products and services. I cannot  make any representations, promises or guarantees of the effectiveness of said products/services, you must make your own decisions and all products are sold as curios and all services offered are for entertainment purposes only. That being said, Oracle Readings, Astrid Banner dba Belizean Gial poetry, firmly believe in the effectiveness of hard work and the power of positive thought and that, more than anything, is what I'm selling and teaching. I believe, that if you believe, anything can happen. In addition you are accepting these terms of conditions when booking any session or purchasing any products. You are also agreeing that you are 18 years or older.No money back guarantee, once the service has been paid for and rendered either via email, over the phone, chat or in person.
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