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A story about a cat
How to use Birthday Candles for Intentions & Desires
I'm Reading Bones and You Can get a FREE Reading
The Power of 3 Spiritual Items
Powerful Spiritual Bath to remove Negative Sh*t in your life


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A story about a cat

It's been a while since I wrote a blog because I've been so busy (loving my new employment, which is exactly what I called in during my prayer and meditation session, that's a story for another day) so I thought I'd share a particularly interesting experience that happened to me a few days ago, when this dying cat came to my apartment building seeking help (it's a sad ending, just a heads up)

Lately, I've had a lot of my very old time clients, asking about their animals(sometimes their family) that have passed to the dimension of spirit.

How to use Birthday Candles for Intentions & Desires

Birthday Candles are excellent instruments for meditation and for casting intentions.
These little candles burn in under 5 minutes, you can even rub a little good luck, prosperity, money or Love oil(s), this kicks the intention up a notch. You can gaze into the flame as it burns all the way down, without going cross eyed or loose focus as with larger candles. You can even say a mantra or set of words over and over as you focus on the light of the flame. I find that this ritual, works wonders especially when you are trying to shift stubborn, blocked and stagnant energy or when just asking God for some help.

I'm Reading Bones and You Can get a FREE Reading

Hello Seekers,

 Yikes, Yikes and Yikes it's been so long since I've written a blog. So many things have happened. I have updated my website, I'm presently and for the time being,  focusing on  preparing readings, performing feather cleanses and spiritual baths here in L.A..  I'm also  in the process of really learning how to read the "Bones". Bone reading is a style of divination that  uses animal bones, roots, nuts and other curios. These elements are then thrown on a mat  or animal hide, traditionally done on the floor.

The Power of 3 Spiritual Items

Greetings fellow light seekers,
 I must say that I'm guilty of  not updating my blog often enough. Please pardon me, I can only say that I will do my best to share more often. Today I want to focus on the power of some important items to have around the home used for cleansing, house blessings and protection. This might sound so "Hoo-Hoo" but I'm thinking to myself that since you are on this esoteric page, that maybe "Hoo-Hoo" is right up your alley?

Powerful Spiritual Bath to remove Negative Sh*t in your life

Greetings friends. I decided to share with you a very powerful spiritual bath, that I always use. For me because I am a light worker and come in to contact with people who are going through a lot, I constantly have to do a lot of bath. My God mother thought me how to do this bath and she is a powerful priestess in the Cuban Religion of Palo. I have added my own little touch from what I learned in my work of root and light magic. 
This is the  Quimbombo aka Okra spiritual body cleanse

Anointing Oils & Its Many Uses

Greetings Everyone,
I know that I'm 25 days late with my February post so I will make it short and sweet. One of my absolute favorite tools in the spiritual world is the use of anointing oils aka esoteric oils. I personally own and sell a lot of them. Some of my favorites are Prosperity oil, Love oil, Peaceful home oil and better Business oil. Millions of people use it to dress candles, they add it to spiritual baths and anoint the body to help aid with manifestations. Those are just a few of its uses.

The New Year and My Gift To You

We are now a couple of days into the year 2013. The world did not end and on we go with our lives. As we speak to our family, friends and even the random stranger at the Trader Joe's check out line, we often hear them and ourselves say , "This will be our year, so Bring it 2013!" Ok, that's just me saying those words BUT I have indeed heard and seen people smiling and uttering  words close enough to the ones, that I say. Heck, I've been saying it for countless times through out the day, to anyone that knows me :-)
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