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Powerful Spiritual Bath to remove Negative Sh*t in your life

Greetings friends. I decided to share with you a very powerful spiritual bath, that I always use. For me because I am a light worker and come in to contact with people who are going through a lot, I constantly have to do a lot of bath. My God mother thought me how to do this bath and she is a powerful priestess in the Cuban Religion of Palo. I have added my own little touch from what I learned in my work of root and light magic. 
This is the  Quimbombo aka Okra spiritual body cleanse
It will help to fix any negative sh*t  that you are going through.
Especially when it comes to problems from the tongue for example:
 gossip in general, problems with the boss, co-worker, neighbors, bad luck, feeling kept back, feeling like you are stuck in a hole etc. This bath clears your path like that (snaps fingers)
If you want to give it a try. Here is how I do it.
What you need:
Get 7 Okra fresh or Frozen will do
Get 40-48 oz of warm water
2 containers big enough to hold the water
2 small white candles(Tea lights or votive are excellent)
1 incense, (door opening
or house blessing, any positive incense will do)
Clear clothing for after your bath or shower, no dark clothing
First Part - Preparation
*break the okra up in the water with your fingers thinking about all the stuff that is bothering you, talk to it like a friend
*squeeze out all the slippery juices from the Okra into the water
(water should be slippery, the slipperier the better)
*Sieve the water, take the remaining okra and blend it up in a blender, pour back into the water. (seeds and everything)
*Go to your shower area, you will now prepare this space.
*Take the tea light or votive candles and place on the bathroom floor, closest to where you will shower but not too close where it will go out with your shower water. One candle goes on the left of the floor and one on the right. Ultimately you will cross in the middle of the lit candles to get to your shower/bath.
* Light incense if you have it. This item is not vital but helps to create the essence of the space
*If Christian get Psalm 91, if of another faith, chose a favorite prayer or chant, something powerful to elevate your energy or you can improvise. Sometimes the best prayers are those that flow from your heart. You can also use the one below
"May the divine creator and all the spirits of love and light, guide my path. As I step into this sacred space, I ask that deceitful tongues be hushed and all ill wishers, problems, fear, darkness and any sense of being lost, may be removed from my being. I ask the divine creator to bless and light my path, may my eyes be clear, may my words be sweet, the doors of opportunity become open and my soul be at peace. With gratitude and Love I call upon the creator."
Second Part- Getting Ready for the Shower/Bath
*Now, take the container with the spiritual water, to your shower/bath area.
*Place it close enough to where you can dip the water and pour onto yourself(add warm or cold water according to your comfort level)
*Turn off all electrical light, Light candles and recite/pray your chosen prayer or chant.
 *Now step through the candles of light and into the shower/bath area
*Shower as you normally would, you must wash your hair.
*The last step you will do is now pour the Okra water on you from head to toe, with a dipper of some sort. The water will feel slippery, this water is slipping away everything that no longer serves you or your spirit. Picture it or imagine it in your mind, as it removes all that junk in your energy space and send it down the pipe and to the earth to be destroyed.
(You CAN shower off some of the Okra after you have poured it all over you. However you DON'T want to completely remove all the Okra, you should still feel and leave some on your body and head/hair)
*When you get out of the bath, allow at least 5-7 minutes of air drying time, then you can towel dry yourself and continue with your after shower routine. You will have some of the pieces of the okra in your hair. It's ok, just brush it out or it will fall out when your hair is dry.
Turn on any electrical light after the air dry process, if the candle is still on, allow it to finish burning somewhere safe.
*Change into your clear clothing
*Now clean your tub of any okra residue. If there is still some in the tub/shower area, which there normally is, it needs to go in the trash and take out of the house before the end of the day or evening.
Third Part - Completion
*Now sit back, take it easy, you should be filling light and chill. Allow this powerful bath to take root in your being, watch as things just start falling into place in the days after this bath
*****If you have a LOT going on, I would suggest that you do this spiritual cleanse 3 times within a month.******
For most people,  1 bath is wonderful and makes a big difference.
With much Love and Light,

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alfred on Monday, December 15, 2014 4:07 AM
Thanks for sharing this kind of cleansing bath. can the okra bath be used on children?with same process? Is there a particular hour to do this bath?
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