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The Power of 3 Spiritual Items

Greetings fellow light seekers,
 I must say that I'm guilty of  not updating my blog often enough. Please pardon me, I can only say that I will do my best to share more often. Today I want to focus on the power of some important items to have around the home used for cleansing, house blessings and protection. This might sound so "Hoo-Hoo" but I'm thinking to myself that since you are on this esoteric page, that maybe "Hoo-Hoo" is right up your alley?
Many of you know already know that I am an avid Sage Lover, I love Sage so much, that all my neighbors know when I'm cleaning my!  However I want to shed the spotlight on the Rosemary herb. Rosemary's magical component is used to Protect against evil, spiritualy cleanse a person, home or space, is believed to ensures fidelity in a household and gives a woman domination in the home. This is very much an herb for the queen of her house,  the smell is divine, alluring and just all around delicious.  I like to burn fresh Rosemary, simply because the smell is much stronger when the little leaves are brimming with life. Before lighting and burning, don't forget to give gratitude to the plant for it's potent protection powers. My recommendation is to do this burn in specific area and on something like a frying pan, that's what I burn mine on...hahaha...on a large old frying pan. Now Rosemary is scandalous with it's ashes, let me just tell you that it ignites and burns rather fast and the ashes fly in the air. Now for most people, that's just a part of the process but for others, if you know how to do it, you can decipher messages from the falling ashes. Deciphering Ashes is not for a novice Rosemary burner :-)
Another favorite item is a glass encased candle. White for house blessings, peace or connecting with the guides. Yellow or Gold for Prosperity, Green for Money, Red for Love and so on and so on. I have a Huge one on my table where I do my readings and I love it. Always activate your candle, by holding it between both of your hands and concentrate on your intentions. You may recite a favorite prayer or chant before lighting it. Remember if you can't see your candle burn all the way through, for whatever reason, always snuff your candle out, never blow it out; unless you are finalizing that candle intention and will not re-light the candle. Remember the candle represents light and you don't want to blow out your light :-)
Next on my list is a clear glass with water for spirits (often right beside a candle). For me this is a tradition. I grew up on placing a glass of water for spirits who may need to quench their thirst. Now that I am adult, I view it in a different light, I see it as a form of remembering those that have gone. Water indeed quenches our thirst in the physical world but now it represents an even more important meaning. Now it represents an offer of respect. It means that although physically my ancestor are not here, spiritually/energetically they are always around and the water is an offering  for them, for communication and to remembrance. I am firm believer that our spirit guides and ancestors can help us from the other side, so I have a whole altar of glass water, dedicated to them, it's called a Bobeda in Spanish.
Everyone has their own favorite things to aid them on their spiritual journey. I'm the type of person that likes tangent tools and others they don't need it. Weather  you use  magical Herbs and Resins, Energy Stones, Oracle cards or even small bells on your windows and doors to ward off evil. Whatever items you choose to utilize, just remember that the moment you place energy on that item, it no longer is just a thing, it is now an extension of your intention, it is now a vessel and a helper. Treat it with honor and respect, and in return you will have much aid at your hands.
With much Love and Light and All that is good

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