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I'm Reading Bones and You Can get a FREE Reading

Hello Seekers,

 Yikes, Yikes and Yikes it's been so long since I've written a blog. So many things have happened. I have updated my website, I'm presently and for the time being,  focusing on  preparing readings, performing feather cleanses and spiritual baths here in L.A..  I'm also  in the process of really learning how to read the "Bones". Bone reading is a style of divination that  uses animal bones, roots, nuts and other curios. These elements are then thrown on a mat  or animal hide, traditionally done on the floor. This style of reading has deep roots in some cultures, such as in South Africa with the Sangoma healers/diviners, in  Mongolia they read the  four unmarked sheep astragalus or knuckle bones in order to get your answers. Closer to home here in the U.S.,  Hoodoo practitioners  incorporate very similar style to the African form of bone reading but also incorporate items such as Raccoon bones, chicken bones and  other curios like dice, arms doll etc. 

When reading the bones there are various steps that are just ritual and vital to honoring the reading. One is honoring and calling upon the ancestor spirits to assist you, because the messages comes from the spirit world. The second is venerating your bones as your vessel that brings forth the most authentic and truthful messages. The third, is your space and your "tools" that assist in making things flow during a reading.  For me when I read the bones, I like to have a glass of water, a live candle such as a tea light candle and a little glass of wine or rum. For me this is vital, I am of a mix heritage(Afro Caribbean, Mayan,  Latino and God knows what else) and I just know that many of my relatives loved their rum. Sometimes, I would light a cigar or cigarette and blow a little in honor of my ancestors, all to appease them and let them know that I remember them, I honor them and am so grateful for their assistance in everything I do. 

So, that's what I have been doing folks and for the remainder of July, I am offering 1 free question to any seeker. My limit is 3 free BONE readings per week. You can contact me to see if I still have any free sessions left each week. Also, no burning questions, as I am very busy and more than likely will return your reading in about 3-5 days or so :-) 

A pic of a bone reading I set is still a work in progress and so is my mat :-/

I highly recommend this bone reader (Michele Jackson) if you want an in-dept bone reading. She is phenomenal and the coolest, nicest bone reader in Cali. She also has a great book about bone reading that makes it easy to understand and practice.

For more information about Bone Reading go here

Thank you for visiting my Page and God Bless!

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