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How to use Birthday Candles for Intentions & Desires

Birthday Candles are excellent instruments for meditation and for casting intentions.
These little candles burn in under 5 minutes, you can even rub a little good luck, prosperity, money or Love oil(s), this kicks the intention up a notch. You can gaze into the flame as it burns all the way down, without going cross eyed or loose focus as with larger candles. You can even say a mantra or set of words over and over as you focus on the light of the flame. I find that this ritual, works wonders especially when you are trying to shift stubborn, blocked and stagnant energy or when just asking God for some help. Of course you can just say a prayer from your heart and it is heard by the heavens, but I know that by doing a tangible action or movement such as preparing and lighting a candle, it creates a great sense of action being taken and I believe that we do take action when we do spiritual rituals such as this.

 I like to light the green ones, when in need for general money, quick money and income coming into my life. Yellow is for prosperity in all aspects of your life, think of long term goals when using this color. Pink and Red is for the calling in of Love and Blue is for peace in your home or family. White is the master candle, it can substitute any color and can be used for any intention or desire. (There are so many ways to use candles for magic, intention or prayers, this is just one way of doing this, it's not the end all, be all of candle intention just one of my rituals)

I suggest burning these lights,  2 times per day for 7 days. In addition I would recommend that you also say a powerful prayer(Psalms, Mantra or Incantation) and most importantly, do this ritual with a clear mind and in a quiet place. Don't dictate how your answer from the divine will come into your life, as it pertains to your request.  Let the Creator surprise you with your blessing, allow it to come at the right time and right place. In essence let go of how you think in your mind, that your answer will manifest. Instead just allow it to happen and be amazed by the wondrous ways that God answers prayers Blessings to you and may the desires of your heart be brought to life through the flames of prayers.

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