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A story about a cat

It's been a while since I wrote a blog because I've been so busy (loving my new employment, which is exactly what I called in during my prayer and meditation session, that's a story for another day) so I thought I'd share a particularly interesting experience that happened to me a few days ago, when this dying cat came to my apartment building seeking help (it's a sad ending, just a heads up)

Lately, I've had a lot of my very old time clients, asking about their animals(sometimes their family) that have passed to the dimension of spirit. Personally  I don't particularly like to step into mediumship because in the past, I've had too many spirits in my apartment at all hours of the day and night,after I would connect with their dead. It took me a while to learn to close those doors and I prefer not to open them to be quite honest.  Any reader, psychic or medium has to connect to a higher power in some way in order  to tap into the " reading zone".  I do it every single time, I get ready to do card readings. I always connect with my guides and ancestors for guidance but it's a whole different scenario, when the spirit of someones deceased relatives want to mingle. it drains me heavily, so I choose not to go there, unless there is a vital message that needs to be relayed. Sometimes though, the soul of a being is so profound that it stops you in your that you can pay attention. That's exactly what happened to me last week. 

I was having a very hectic day and I was pulling into my neighbors parking space, I saw this black cat, just laying there it was not dead but when I picked it up, I just knew that it would be.  I could literally smell the scent of death on its breath. It meowed so sadly and looked at me in my eyes, I did not feel loss, I felt like it wanted to be free. My neighbor is a senior citizen, who loves animals and especially cats, she asked me to take the cat to the vet, luckily it's not far from where we live.

On the drive there, my neighbor asked me to name the cat, otherwise  she worried that they would not take her in, if the vet did not believe that the cat belonged to us. When I got to the vet, they asked me a series of questions. 3 questions stuck out to me. What is her name, I said "Luna" right off the tip of my tongue,  Is she a male or female?, I said female(not knowing anything about this animal mind you) What's wrong with her? I don't know , I said, but I know that she's dying. The vet tech looked at me like I was crazy, took her back and after the vet saw her, they decided to keep her there, as she was really dehydrated. She stayed for 3 days at the vet, finally after an ultra sound, they realized she had cancer and that it had taken over her entire body. So the vet opted to put her down as there was nothing else they could do. She went to rest, yes she, they confirmed that she was indeed a female

5 days after the cat had passed. I was walking home and I saw this woman(Sandy) who lives on the other block of my street; whom I know likes to feed the stray cats.  I waved her down and asked to her, if by any chance she  missed seeing a black cat in the area and before I could finish
She described to me the exact cat,  right down to her clipped ears and guess what she had named the cat "LUNA"!!!!! I kid you not, her name was Luna. I swear telepathically that cat told me her name and came to my building for help. 
The other interesting aspect of this experience is that my neighbor, the kind lady that told me to take the Luna to the vet and she would foot the bill. Well one of her cats(Mish) decided to be out doors for an entire year from 2014 to 2015 and Sandy(stray feeding cat lady, who confirmed Luna's name to me) told me that my neighbors cat(mish), when she lived out doors was sharing a single yard with a cat, and that cat turned out to be Luna. All this information just blew my mind. All the coincidences which were not really coincidences but simply synchronicities. 
So in essence, when Mish the cat was out doors, Luna  the other cat kept her company, and when Luna was at her dying moments, she sought the help of the lady whose cat she kept company for an entire year. Maybe she even was seeking Mish? I don't know, all I know is that everything came to a full circle. It astounds me even now, when I think of it.  That's why I'm a firm believer in never underestimating the power of souls. I never under estimate the power of kindness and  also of communication beyond our own. I like to believe that there must have been some agreement between those two cats, when they lived in that yard for a year. My neighbor and I, were just the vehicles used to facilitate the promise made to each other.

There is so much to this life, that we can't understand,  or ever will.....all we have to do is allow and believe. Most importantly, we have to Love


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