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About what I do and how I became
My name is Astrid and I am a  Oracle Card & Tea Leaf reader living in Southern California. The journey for me began when I was little, in a small central American country. Getting your cards read was taboo but yet it was something that was the most common thing to do.  Where I come from, we call divination, "read mi luck" which translates to reading ones fortune or destiny.

In addition to readings I enjoy making hand made energy sprays, prepare energy candles, sachet powders and spiritual baths.  I'm a believer that we can pick up on good and bad energies. We can magnify the good and get rid of the negative energies.  

Readings and some cleanses are done in my place of residence in Los Angeles, California and all sessions are by appointment only. Appointments still need to be scheduled at-least 3 weeks in advance.
Thank you for taking the time to visit my site.  
With Love and Light,

My 2 favorite decks, Lenormand and the Gypsy Witch deck.
 I also use a Goddess deck for advice.
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